My Approach

Many of us go into therapy because something isn’t feeling quite right. Perhaps, you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or lost. Perhaps, you’re trying to navigate through trauma, loss, or emotions. It is also possible that you do not fully know what is bothering you but that there is something that you want to get clarity on. Psychotherapy can be the space for all of these experiences. 

My personal approach to therapy is one that facilitates the process of self-discovery. We work together to start unpacking parts of your story. We look at what parts align with your truth and which parts were created for safety and protection. We will sit with difficult emotions and turn towards them to get insight.

As a therapist, my intention is to hold space in a manner that provides support and upholds the sanctity of the therapeutic relationship. My focus is on creating a secure and safe space for you to go inwards. 

In addition to talk therapy, I have knowledge in parts work, dream analysis, and somatic work. Bringing the body, dreams, and images into the work allows us to deepen our exploration of our inner world. It allows us to access our unconscious mind which is so rich with knowledge and direction.

I offer complimentary consultations to see if we are a good fit for one another.

If you’re feeling called, I hope to hear from you.

With Warmth,